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Flow-Rite Seamless LLC was founded in September of 2008, by two men working in the industry for almost a decade. They both had a vision of one day creating a successful company that would stand out above all other companies. They knew, at first, Flow-Rite had to be small and manageable during the times when the economy was in financial turmoil. They also wanted Flo-Rite to preserve the potential of steady growth while the American Society got back on its feet. They both realized that the quality of work in the rain gutter industry has diminished throughout the years and they made a promise to themselves and to their clients to bring back the best customer service around. Their goal was not for Flow-Rite to become the biggest rain gutter company in Arizona, but to become the most renowned rain gutter company for its customer service and quality assurance. To this day they still live and work by the same standards of placing their best foot forward and taking the extra steps to provide customer confidence in the Flow-Rite name.

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